Key Club members participate in DCON

Ananya Rajaraman

DCON, which is Key Club’s district convention, is held every year in Green Bay. This year, it is being held March 13-15, and the theme is Harry Potter. Anyone from the district is eligible to attend, but only executive board members are attending DCON this year. Key Club has a hierarchy that progresses from club level, to division level, to district level, and finally, to the international level. At DCON, delegates vote on bylaws, new district board members are elected, and members have the opportunity to go to workshops. These workshops can range from position training (i.e. the president workshop) to topics such as public speaking tips or membership retention.

There are also dances every night. On Saturday night, awards are presented to clubs and their officers, if they applied for them and met the requirements. The awards include school spirit, dance decorations, and advisor awards. There are always fundraisers for the district governor’s project as well. For example, a few years ago, the district governor allowed people to buy lengths of duct tape to tape him to the wall during one of the dances. All the proceeds went towards his project. This year, the governor’s project is the ELIMINATE project which is in coordination with UNICEF to eliminate maternal neonatal tetanus. Kristin Reichert, one of the club presidents, has gone to DCON the past two years and is attending this year as well. “My favorite thing about DCON was how much better I got to know my fellow execs and members who attended,” she says, “and I hope to continue that this year”. Members who attend DCON also get to meet key clubbers from around the state and from Michigan. An entire hotel is booked each year for the members. Emily Cape, a member of the executive board, loved “the dances and getting to dress up in theme costumes for one of the ceremonies”. Check out for more details regarding DCON.