What are the advantages of a new Milwaukee Bucks stadium?

Joseph DuBois, Reporter

With hundreds of millions of dollars already being invested by the Milwaukee Bucks new owners and Governor Scott Walker devising his new “Pay Your Way” plan, why not go ahead and build a new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks? The current home for the Bucks, the BMO Harris Bradley Center, is more than 27 years old and is severely outdated and undersized. A new arena would be a huge benefit for the Milwaukee Bucks, the city of Milwaukee, and any other users of the arena.

The Bucks will benefit from the new arena by having a more intense drive for players to want to come to Milwaukee and play in a new state of the art arena. This also opens up the door for extra games, such as the all-star weekend, which is most commonly hosted by teams and cities with new arenas. A new arena will have a huge impact on the economy by creating an enormous number of jobs in the construction and maintenance of a new arena.

In addition, local businesses, restaurants, and hotels will have an advantage because of the arena. New and traveling sports aficionados, players, and coaches will invest and be good customers for the surrounding businesses. Other users of this new arena, such as concerts and shows, will also be able to expand their seating and stage size. By allowing these concerts or performances to expand in quantity and quality, the profits they turn will be plentiful.

Some people are saying that the Bucks do not need a new stadium, or that it is a waste of taxpayers money; however, these people are wrong. The BMO Harris Bradley Center is old and too small. It no longer fills the requirements for a Bucks stadium. It needs to be replaced in order to keep up with evolving NBA needs. The new arena, as it is planned now, will result in no increase in taxes! Not only do the beloved Milwaukee Bucks need this new arena, the entire city of Milwaukee needs this arena.