Brookfield Stars hockey team shoots high

The Brookfield Stars varsity hockey team has had a successful season thus far. With the season coming to a close, they currently hold 10 wins, 7 losses, and 2 ties.

The team practices at the Ponds of Brookfield every day from six to seven except for game days, which are usually on Friday, or occasionally on Tuesday and Saturday. The full season consists of approximately 24 games, all of which are spread out from October to March.

“Our daily schedule can be pretty crazy,” says Gabe Lehnerer (’17), a varsity player from Brookfield East. “I usually like to take a quick nap before practice, and then we have an hour and a half practice. After that I come home and eat dinner. I don’t get started on homework until about 10 o’clock, so I can be up very late some nights.”

“If it’s a game day during the week, we have to be at the rink two hours before, have a two hour game, and have 30 minutes to change, so I really get nothing done during game days, especially if it is away,” said Steven Klein (’16), varsity player from Brookfield Central.

When the team has downtime prior to a game, they like to pass around a soccer ball or play music, such as “Everything is Awesome” from The Lego® Movie.

One of their greatest accomplishments this year was finishing third in both the Joe Raymond Memorial Tournament and the Sheboygan Tournament. Out of 3 games, the boys won all three at the Joe Raymond Tournament. The Boys’ Hockey Team’s goals are to win conference, win sectionals, and possibly to go to state.