Daredevil returns for another season of action-packed crimefighting

Emily Jacobson, Reporter

Early in 2015, Netflix released its very first Marvel television show with a package of thirteen episodes ready for binge watching. I put it on my watchlist, only interested because it was from the Marvel family. Just two days after it was released, I could not stop hearing about it. I sat down that very night and watched almost half of it. And now here we are in 2016, and everyone is waiting in anticipation for the second season of this dark, yet beautifully written show.

Everyone’s expectations for Dare-devil reflect the big blockbuster Marvel movies: a bright, action-packed, light-hearted comedy with a happy ending. But Daredevil is not like any Marvel movie. With dark alleys and blood-stained characters, Daredevil was certainly a change in scenery from what most Marvel fans were used to. The fight scenes were brutal and very realistic, and the villains were much more ruthless. The stakes were higher. Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, seemed to be the antithesis of the clean-looking heroes of the big screen.

As season two approaches, trailers make it look like the show is going to be even darker. Matt Murdock will be struggling to keep his home, New York City, safe from crime. He will be facing off with a well-known comic character, Punisher. Another popular comic figure, Elektra, will also appear. She and Matt have a past, and they appear to be working together, although Matt does not seem to like it at first. This season will most likely delve deeper into what sort of hero Matt Murdock is and how far he will go to save his city.

Season two of Daredevil may seem alien to veteran viewers of the show with two new villains and Matt fighting crime in a real costume now, but it will still include aspects from the first season. Season one was all about origin and Matt’s development. Even though he may be a certified crime fighter now, he still has his old friends, Foggy and Karen, and his old job at Nelson and Murdock. I am excited to see where the show will take his friends as they embark on this journey with Matt.

The audience will be embarking on the journey as well it, March 18 with thirteen more episodes. I would not suggest binge-watching this year, though, because waiting a whole year to find out what happened was absolutely treacherous.