BC and BE unite for annual Gold Out

Sophia Sun, News Editor

Every year, Brookfield Central and Brookfield East face off against each other in the biggest football game of the season. However, the annual game is not about the cross-town rivalry. Instead, the event is about uniting the entire community; everyone comes together as one to stand against childhood cancer.  Sept 15, the Brookfield Central bleachers were flooded with more people than ever – not with Lancer blue or Spartan red, but with gold. The Brookfield community banded together in the effort to tackle cancer one touchdown at a time.
This year’s Gold Out game was one of the most successful in history, raising money for various charities and, more importantly, raising awareness for childhood cancer. The Brookfield Central and Brookfield East Key Clubs each did their part in planning the event, from adorning the football field with balloons and streamers to designing the t-shirts that eventually covered the backs of every attendee at the game.
“Our main goal was just to raise awareness for the cause, so we were ecstatic when we realized we had actually returned a profit from the t-shirt sales and fundraising,” said Gene Lee (’18), Key Club Co-Treasurer. “The money will be donated with the hopes of furthering research in childhood cancer.”
The event brought in an unexpected profit after selling out all of the t-shirts at Brookfield Central. Another contributing factor to the rewarding outcome of the Gold Out game was the Miracle Minute put together jointly by the Brookfield Central and East Key Clubs in partnership with the Lancerettes and Spartanettes. As Mr. Bob Fuchs counted down the last few seconds of the minute-long fundraiser, the generosity of the fans in the crowds was apparent as the buckets were promptly filled with coins and bills. In just one minute, the Brookfield community came together to collect an incredible $650 to support the fight against cancer in children. Brookfield Central Key Club advisor, Mr. Ronn Blaha, said, “The feeling of unity was palpable. Maggie and Brittany’s words brought home the significance of the event,” referring to the moving speech from Lancer Maggie Conlon (‘20) and Spartan Brittany Schober (‘18) at the football game.
“As a cancer survivor myself, raising awareness for childhood cancer is really important to me. The support of students, staff, and families from both schools was overwhelming,” said Schober. “It was truly special to see both schools put aside their rivalry and come together for such a great cause.”
Without a doubt, the Gold Out football game left a lasting impact on Brookfield. The sense of community prevailed not only through that night, but will continue to linger as the positive impact of the profit promotes advancements in the race to cure childhood cancer.