Orchestra readies concert

Stephanie Chen, Reporter

Halloween is right around the corner, and with it, Brookfield Central orchestra’s annual Spooktacular concert. This year, the performance is at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center on Oct. 29 at 7:00pm.

When asked about one of her favorite aspects of Spooktacular, Dr. Denice Haney, the orchestra director, mentioned the special dress code for the concert – the costumes.

When discussing her costume for the night, Haney commented, “Last year, I was a pencil. The costume made it hard to view the entire orchestra in one glance. I had to turn my head fully to see the different sections. This year, I’m going to be an M&M, since I’ve been eating them all summer.”

Besides the unique garb, the orchestra has a lot more planned to get in the spooky Halloween mood. The entire orchestra, both Symphony and Chamber, will be pitching in to help decorate the Wilson Center’s stage accordingly. With giant spiders, spindly cobwebs, bold posters, various ceiling decorations, and more surprises, the Spooktacular will definitely live up to its name.

There is much to look forward to, especially the creepy repertoire. The program includes jaunty and mischievous tunes from the iconic Pirates of the Caribbean, the catchy theme from the Addams Family, the suspenseful music of A Rocky Horror Picture Show, and various songs in Halloween Spooktacular, including A Night on Bald Mountain, Funeral March of the Marionettes, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and Dance Macabre.

After an hour of listening to spooky music, an instrument “petting zoo” will be set up in the lobby until 8:45 pm, with candy involved. Children will have an opportunity to learn about the different instruments of the orchestra from members of the orchestra themselves while getting in a brief round of trick-or-treating.

So, if you like spooky music, enjoy listening to concerts, feel like getting into the mood for Halloween, or are just interested in free candy, be sure to check out the orchestra Spooktacular!