Spring Fling Week

The second annual Spring Fling Dance was hosted on April 26 by the Brookfield Central Student Council. Last year, the idea of a spring dance was first proposed by former Student Council President Katie Ahrens and was greeted with warm enthusiasm. Because of the success it received, the Spring Fling Dance was offered again this year. Like last year, tickets were $10 each and included a Spring Fling T-shirt. Although not officially announced by Student Council, the Spring Fling Dance is a turnabout, similar to the Sadie Hawkins Dance, meaning girls ask guys. For the first time in Brookfield Central, there was a Spring Fling Spirit Week.

The Tuesday after Spring Break ended was a Clash Day, followed by Crazy Hair day on Wednesday, Denim Day on Thursday, and finally Class Color Day on Friday. Participation in the Spirit Week was unusually low, many Student Council members did not even dress up for the week they had planned. A few notable exceptions were Austin Norton, MJ Lucas,(I’ll find pictures& quotes)

Despite the dismal turnout of enthusiasm as showcased by spirit week, Spring Fling was an overall success.