“Divide” inspires many



Ed Sheeran’s Divide matches the arithmatic theme of some of his previous albums.

Madison Hummel, Online Editor

After taking a year-long hiatus from all social media in order to inspire his creative mind process, Ed Sheeran was about to release an outstanding album. When it was finally released in March, he did not retract his implied promise. “Divide” has just about everything for anyone, where he models each song after the different styles he picked up over the year. The two singles he released earlier display this well. “Shape of You” was clearly made for the mainstream media, with a catchy chorus and a tune that infects the ears of everyone listening. While, his other song “Castle on the Hill” has deeper emotion, with a slightly catchy tune meant for a different type of mainstream media.

For those who want a fresher version of a love story, “Nancy Mulligan” skillfully mimics an Irish trad song and follows the romance of Sheeran’s grandparents, Nancy Mulligan and William Sheeran. For those that enjoy a little bit of rap in their songs, “Eraser” starts right off the bat with Ed Sheeran’s lyrical mastery. Finally, for those that are looking for something to help them get over a past relationship, “Happy.”

Overall, this album is the quintessence of Ed Sheeran’s abilities as an artist and lyricist, and no doubt holds different elements for everyone.