Taco Bell Breakfast Review: 2/4 Stars


Krishna Gopal

Taco Bell introduced a breakfast menu at the end of March to over 5,500 nationwide restaurants in their chain. An article on tacobell.com described the menu by stating, “Taco Bell Breakfast comes as a change to the traditional quick service restaurant (QSR) breakfast routine bringing the brand’s distinctive approach to a crowded breakfast sandwich market.” As a Taco Bell fan, myself, I had high expectations for the Taco Bell Breakfast and on April 16, and with an enormous appetite, I made my earliest trip to Taco Bell to try four of the items.

First, I ordered the Sausage Waffle Taco ($1.99). This meal was comprised of a waffle, folded in half to serve as a taco that held a sausage patty, scrambled eggs, and cheese, and was served with a side of syrup. To simply put it – this dish was revolting. My main issue with this item was the unpalatable combinations of sweet and savory foods. Not only did Taco Bell put the mildly sweet and spongy waffle with a salty warm piece of meat to create a nauseating union, but they also provided customers with syrup to go with the taco. The sugary syrup with the eggs and cheese simply tasted disgusting.

Next, I tried the Steak A.M. Crunch Wrap ($2.99). The Crunch Wrap consisted of hash browns, steak, scrambled eggs, cheese, and a jalapeño sauce all wrapped in a tortilla and grilled. Overall, I enjoyed this meal. It was very hearty and the wrap held together very well. The jalapeño sauce was flavorful and spicy, enhancing the well-cooked pieces of steak. One problem, however, was that the hash browns were not crisp but rather kind of mushy and soft. My other main issue with the meal was the steak with the hash browns additionally topped with cheese and eggs made the meal quite heavy and too filling for breakfast.

My favorite item was the Bacon Breakfast Burrito – Fresco Style ($1.69). This item consisted of eggs, bacon pieces, and the pico de gallo (tomatoes, onions, and cilantro) packed in a tortilla. Every bite had the perfect salty kick due to the bacon bits, which was balanced with the light and warm eggs. In addition, the pico de gallo was a refreshing element that contrasted well with the savory components of the dish.

Finally, I tried the Cinnabon Delights 4 pack ($1.49). These were small pastry balls coated with cinnamon sugar and filled with a cream cheese frosting. Overall, the delights were pleasantly sweet and not too sugary, and their center composed of a delicious, warm cream cheese frosting.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Bacon Breakfast Burrito and Cinnabon Delights, and to those who enjoy a hearty and savory breakfast, I would recommend the Steak A.M. Crunch Wrap. However, I warn that others stay away from Sausage Waffle Taco.