Grey’s Anatomy Season Fourteen Starts Off With a Bang


Janani Sundar, Sports Editor

The long awaited return of our favorite surgeons is finally here. Season fourteen of Grey’s Anatomy kicked off with a 2 hour season premiere on September 28th and let me tell you, it does not disappoint. Grey’s Anatomy is back with a bang; new characters + new plot lines = more drama.

The show starts off by introducing many new love interests which inevitably creates new conflicts. In the previous season, it was revealed that Megan Hunt, Owen Hunt’s sister and Nathan Riggs’s fiancée, was still alive after being believed to be dead for 10 years. The return of Megan Hunt launches one complicated love triangle between Meredith, Riggs, and Megan. Megan Hunt is not the only new character that has sparked some drama. Dr. Carina Deluca is introduced as a love interest for Dr. Arizona Robbins; however, she also happens to be Andrew Deluca’s(Arizona’s roommate) older sister, which causes some conflict between the three of them. Teddy Altman returns to the show which provides a refreshing twist to the story. There seems to be some sparks between Teddy and Owen, causing Amelia and Owen to be separated now more than ever. Their marriage seems to hanging by a thread. Having long been followers of these surgeons, fans know that they don’t need to count on new characters to bring in new drama. Jo and Alex rekindle their romance which brings some excitement to the loyal supporters. Jackson and April finally talk about what happened in Montana and contemplate their relationship.

More issues (other than relationship issues) seem to be rising at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Let’s be real for a second; is there ever a day where there aren’t any issues at Grey Sloan Memorial? First off, we see Bailey trying to handle rebuilding the hospital after the fire. The directors portray this in a way that brings comedic relief which is refreshing. Webber and the new batch of interns also provide tons of comedic relief in a very intense episode. We see Amelia trying to execute a very risky surgery despite Jackson advising her not to go through with it due to its low success rate. Luckily, the cards are in her favor and the surgery goes well. Meredith operating on Megan Hunt is the main conflict of this episode. We see Meredith struggling to provide the quickest course of treatment for Megan. She is worried that she will not be able to execute her surgery as well as she had hoped. As if this was not enough, creator Rhimes throws a huge bomb at the end of the episode, which of course leaves the fans wanting more. Overall, season fourteen of Grey’s Anatomy is off to a great start.