Christmas decoration debacle

Emily Otten, Online Editor

The debate of when the holiday season truly begins has gone on for ages, with some people arguing that holiday celebrations begin the day after Halloween and others contending that no mention of the holidays should be made until after Thanksgiving.

I think everyone can agree that Christmas decorations in July are crazy, but in my opinion, Christmas decorations being lit up on the first day of November is just as absurd. Many times, the first snow hasn’t even fallen yet, and by acknowledging Christmas nearly two months early, a person is completely ignoring Thanksgiving — which is about family and love, similar to what Christmas is about (but without all of the rampant commercialism, though with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that is starting to change).

When it comes to decorating for the holidays, it should be socially acceptable for people to adorn the inside of their house whenever they want, even in October. Interior ornamentation don’t bother any neighbors with obnoxious shining lights or flashy decorations, and they can bring a bit of holiday joy to the homeowner if they so choose.

Though for outdoor decor, the best plan is to put up the decorations in early November, but not light them until after Thanksgiving. This way, families are able to put up the decorations without the freezing late November and December temperatures, but aren’t celebrating prematurely or annoying their neighbors (as most Christmas lights can be especially bright).

So when is it socially acceptable to light up exterior Christmas decorations? I would say the day or week after Thanksgiving, so that you can properly celebrate a holiday filled with family and not bother your neighbors. But when it comes to interior holiday decorations, go wild with it — nothing is holding you back!