Foreign Exchange Student: Lucas Russier


Agathe Olier

Lucas Russier and the rest of the Boys’ Cross Country team take on the ALS ice bucket challenge after practice.

Lucas Russier (‘15), Brookfield Central’s latest French foreign exchage student recently moved in with the Olier family through the Nacel Open Door (NOD) exchange program. Nacel Open Door is actually part of a larger worldwide confederation, Nacel International, comprised of many organizations, companies, and representatives. Nacel has been aiming to provide cultural immersion and exploration for students since 1957. NOD participants have the choice of the Academic Year Program (which Russier is in), Private School Program, Short Term Program, and the CBXY Vocational program among other travel abroad opportunities.
Russier chose the Academic Year Program; He will be staying with Agathe (‘17) and Chloe (‘15) Olier and attending school here at Brookfield Central as a senior. The Olier sisters first became familiar with Nacel after a representative came in their foreign language class looking for a host family. Having traveled to France and attended school there almost every summer, they understood the importance and benefits of studying abroad. In addition, the Oliers knew their French background would help a French foreign exchange student adapt easier.
Russier, who lives in Ladornac, France, has actually visited the United States before, also through Nacel. Though Russier has been to Chicago, the Olier’s wanted him to get a true Wisconsin experience. Prior to school’s start, the Oliers took Russier to many famous spots in Wisconsin, such as the capitol building in Madison. Over the Labor Day weekend, Russier went to Noah’s Ark, Devil’s Lake, and camped out at Baraboo Hills Campground. The Oliers are also planning many more fun immersion activities such as taking him to Six Flags during Fright Fest, which “should be a really fun and new experience for Lucas,” said Olier. Although Russier has only been here for a short time, he’s discovered a new favorite restaurant: Taco Bell.
Quickly adapting to his new lifestyle, Russier joined the Boys’ Cross Country team, where he is currently on Junior Varsity. He particularly enjoyed taking part in the ALS ice bucket challenge after a tiring practice. Since he ran back in France, Russier was excited to find something here that suited his interests.