Senior softball captains reflect on their experiences with the sport

Katelyn Burzynski, Reporter

The Brookfield Central Varsity softball team is excited to start the 2019 season, and captains Audrey Kentz, Lexi Rayborn, and Ashley Dobrzynski are thrilled to lead it to success.

Senior Captain Audrey Kentz has played softball since she was five years old. She was watching her older sister when she knew she wanted to play, and from there she has participated in many club teams before and during her high school years. She plays third base for the Lancers, or “the hot corner”, where she enjoys fielding the challenging plays and taking bunts away from teams. She particularly loves faking throws to first to fake out runners trying to score from third to home. Kentz is excited to lead the team with her experience and stresses that her final season at BC “is going to be a fun one,” and she “is excited to share that with her teammates.”

Similar to Kentz, Senior captain Lexi Rayborn has played softball from a young age. She started playing baseball and then switched to softball when she was nine and loved it immediately. Rayborn has played on many club teams as well and is playing in college at Aurora University in Illinois. For the Lancers, she plays shortstop, a position she loves because she gets to lead and communicate with the team in addition to being quick to make plays. The position holds an immense amount of responsibility, but Rayborn explains that “it’s a lot of pressure, but I like pressure.” Communication is important to the senior captain and she cites it is a strength of the team in addition to the chemistry and fun the players have. As a senior, Rayborn wants to leave it all on the field, and enjoy the hard work the team puts in together, and all the fun that comes along with that.

Outfielder and sophomore captain Ashley Dobrzynski also started loving the game of softball from a young age. She played teeball until she was six when she began playing softball with her older sister. She has also played many years of club ball and plays outfield for the Lancers which she loves because of how fast and willing one must be to run to a ball hit into the outfield. She explains that she particularly enjoys diving for balls when necessary. Similar to Kentz and Rayborn, Dobrzynski loves the team’s ability to have fun with each other while still getting their work done. She stresses that she is most excited for “bonding with the girls on the team and succeeding on the field.”

The 2019 Brookfield Central Varsity Softball team is looking forward to the season and all the fun and hard work that comes with it, and the captains Kentz, Rayborn, and Dobrzynski are looking forward to leading them through this season.