Stranger Things trailer excites fans



Stranger Things

Manasvi Paturu, Reporter

Netflix has released the trailer for Stranger Things three. Season two ended with the massive monster still lurking in the upside down (the alternate realm of the town Hawkins). The first two seasons were full of action and thrill as they find Will in the first season, and find Eleven in the second.

Season three of this hit Netflix tv show brings back the main cast. The trailer does not reveal too much about what is to come; however, there are some signs of friendship problems arising in the group of friends. The trailer suggests that Dustin becomes more of a focus in this season, and Eleven again faces many problems with the monster coming out of the upside down.

There are many clips in the trailer of Eleven’s new friend showing her everything that a normal girl gets to experience such as going to the mall, hanging out, dressing up and more. Eleven doesn’t get to pretend to be normal for too long, as problems will quickly escalate in the town of Hawkins. The trailer was a good mix of cliffhangers, with hints of what season three is about as well.

I would recommend watching the trailer because it summarizes what the third season will be like, and it also involves lots of action and adventure for two minutes and fifty seconds. It kept me wondering about what season three will bring, and I will definitely be waiting for this show to premiere this summer on the fourth of july.