How To Train Your Dragon 2 Entertains Audiences

     Medieval music accompanies dragons and their riders, adorned with colorful face paint and decorated saddles, whizzing past to take part in a dragon race. The sardonic voice of Hiccup greets viewers with the usual “This is Berk” introduction, but it is slightly different this time. The sequel still suggests the viking island of Berk has nothing exciting in particular, but the introduction of dragons in town have made life refreshing and enjoyable. Remixes of the musical theme from the previous film are incorporated throughout the movie, and the atmosphere suits both children and adults alike.

     Bruce Diones, a contributor to The New Yorker and top critic on Rotten Tomatoes, said, “The writer and director Dean DeBlois takes the comedy to a deeper, more satisfying place than he did in the original franchise-launching animated film.” This is true mainly due to the introduction of new characters as well as the growth of old characters.

     The characters from the previous movie, How to Train Your Dragon, are all back in this sequel and are better than ever. Everyone is all grown up, and the change is most visible in the now twenty-year-old Hiccup, whose scrawny figure has been replaced with a lean and muscular physique.

     Hiccup is soon joined by the rest of his buddies: Astrid (who has become a little more than a buddy), Tuffnut and Ruffnut, Snotlout, and Fishlegs. Being one of the few eligible ladies in Berk, Tuffnut is constantly sought after by Snotlout and Fishlegs, who compete against each other in order to prove their affection for Tuffnut.

     Now more than just friends, the bond between Hiccup and Astrid has become unbreakable. Unlike a lot of other films, Hiccup and Astrid do not show their fondness for each other through physical acts, but through admirable support and kindness. Astrid is extremely supportive of Hiccup, especially when it come to his father, Stoick. Although Hiccup has made his peace with his father since he learned how to train dragons, Hiccup now finds himself overwhelmed by the support Stoick provides.

     Stoick could not be happier, but a small part of him still grieves the loss of his wife, Valka, who disappeared after an attack from the notorious Drago Bludvist, a villain with the ambitious desire to control the world with a dragon army. When Valka is found alive, Stoick regains a part of himself, and the audience gets to meet her along with a whole slew of new dragons.

     In regards to the plot, there were certain random aspects, as shown in the trailer. Hiccup reunites with his mother after twenty years, producing a somewhat rushed scene, and there was confusion about what Drago Bludvist had in store for Hiccup and his band of dragons. Themes that were highlighted strongly in the movie were loyalty and sense of identity, both of which Hiccup grapples with as certain events unfold. An unexpected plot twist nearing the end will surprise and tug at the heartstrings of viewers.

     All in all, this movie has received top ratings and wonderful critical reviews. The atmosphere and mood of the movie with all its festivities gave the movie a great push forward, and the plot and character development only added to that until the very end of the movie, which ended the way it began—dragon racing. By ending the way it started, How to Train Your Dragon 2 came into a full circle, and audience members left the theater with satisfactory smiles.