Viewers Travel Into the Unknown: Frozen 2 Breaks Records in Thanksgiving Debut


A screen cap from the movie above shows Anna (Kristen Bell) trying to help Olaf (Josh Gad) while adventuring “into the unknown”.

Nicole Orejuela, Sports Editor

The highly anticipated sequel to the 2013 animated phenomenon Frozen premiered on November 22, 2019, and viewers could not let it go. The movie captivated audiences around the world as onlookers witnessed protagonists Anna and Elsa embark on a harrowing journey amidst calls from the spirits of the enchanted forest, once again finding themselves in uncharted territory and perilous dangers as the sisters fight to save Arendale and their home.

While familiar characters from the original Frozen appear once again in the sequel, new characters also emerge as the film progresses, adding another element of depth and intrigue to the story. Unexpected discoveries and shocking reveals leave those in attendance stunned and fully engrossed in the feature until the final credit scenes roll onto the large screen, momentarily transporting viewers into the mystical world of Arendale.

Furthermore, important lessons of friendship, forgiveness, and trust emerge from the Disney release, further enhancing the feature and adding to the overall brilliance of the movie. The superb soundtrack also added to the magical environment created by the film, fitting perfectly with the fantasy and otherworldly characters present throughout. Indeed, this masterful combination of cinematic elements led viewers rushing to the theatres. In fact, Frozen 2 broke multiple records both domestically and globally, drawing in audiences worldwide.

It earned the title as the largest global opening for an animated film, totaling an overwhelming $358 million. The movie also set the record for the highest-grossing weekend in Thanksgiving history over the five day holiday break, surpassing the renowned The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Thus, six years after the original made its debut in theatres, Frozen 2 enticed audiences from all over as viewers flocked to watch Elsa and Anna pursue their next adventure together in a quest to save Arendale once and for all, yet again setting new standards for animation films and inspiring its viewers to embrace their unique qualities.