Wednesday: Netflix’s Most Recent Hit

“Thing” (Left), and Wednesday (Right)
Source: The Brown Daily Herald

“Thing” (Left), and Wednesday (Right) Source: The Brown Daily Herald

Aramis Zaiser, Editor

The Addams Family is something that almost everyone knows about or has heard of. From the music to the character troupe, its uniqueness was surely memorable in the eyes of any viewer. The show can even be said to have influenced our society: The representation of an “antithesis” to a modern nuclear family during the 1900s really nails in the idea that the Addams family was set up for massive attention. Whether this attention was good or bad, however, still seems up to debate. 

Most recently, Netflix created a spin-off of the franchise which centers around the daughter of an unconventional family, named Wednesday. Based on the Poem “Monday’s Child”, Wednesday’s unconventional name symbolizes that she is “full of woe”, which becomes evident once you view her appearance and personality. She is witty, pessimistic, pragmatic, unknowingly sassy, and “allergic” to color. Perhaps this is why she is one of the most loved characters in the franchise; she unknowingly brings humor into many situations even with her dark personality. 

Wednesday’s personality is even further exemplified in the Netflix series, titled “Wednesday”, through the craftsmanship of director Tim Burton. Known for making screenplays so unique that he has been given his own genre, his ability to bring romance out of horror and dark gothic themes made him perfect for making Wednesday as popular as it is. 

At its core, Wednesday is a fantasy TV series in a world where the dark Wednesday Addams is able to shine, or at least stand out greatly from the crowd. She uses her wits and talent to solve a series of murders going on near the school Nevermore, which houses many supernatural beings. Although Wednesday may be dark and seem apathetic at times, the relationships she is able to build with characters make you cheer for her along the way. 

One character that I especially find endearing is “Thing”, who is just a hand that is alive. What makes “it” so unique, is how much feeling and sass he is able to showcase even though he is just a hand who cannot easily portray his thoughts and feelings. The fact that he is able to better create relationships as a hand, than Wednesday can with the same people seems ironic, and in my opinion, makes for a very nice addition to the show. 

All in all, the series is full of twists and turns, and although it may be more modern than anything this franchise has seen before, Netflix and especially Tim Burton truly outdid themselves. There is a reason that Wednesday has become Netflix’s 2nd most-watched American show, and after watching it I believe that I can see why. Every moment you are thinking alongside Wednesday Addams, and although some twists may seem sudden, after watching the show you will also be in anticipation for the second season that Netflix recently announced.