Meet Mr. Keir

Abby Ng, Online Editor

Ten years ago Mr. Keir started teaching history at Brookfield Central, and since then, his bold personality and engaging teaching style has made him an irreplaceable member of BCHS. For Savanna Thompson (15) Mr. Keir is “hands down” one of her favorite teachers. “He’s very easy to talk to, and there’s never a dull moment when you are around him – you’ll always be laughing for sure!” she said.

But Mr. Keir was not always a teacher. He has had numerous jobs including printing and construction, and he originally went to college as an art major. At one of his jobs, he received advice about standing up for himself that he would carry with him for the rest of his life. “My boss told me that his job was to exploit me as much as I would allow myself to be exploited,” Mr. Keir recalled.

Now as a teacher, Mr. Keir finds satisfaction in “seeing kids think about history differently”. Outside of school though, he loves to be outdoors, no matter the weather. When it is warmer outside, he enjoys bow hunting and hiking. When the weather gets colder he likes to ice fish and cross country ski.

When asked if he had any hidden talents, he did not want to give any away because they would no longer be hidden, but he did say however,

“I am considered by several to be a National Treasure.” ”

— Mr. Keir

Although meant jokingly, this statement actually rings true in a sense. With his unique set of experiences, his passion for learning and teaching, and his humor, Mr. Keir is truly a treasure to Brookfield Central.