12th annual Fine Arts Extravaganza excites BC

The Fine Arts Extravaganza (FAE) is always an anticipated event at the end of the school year. Hallways are decorated with colorful student art pieces, and student-created sculptures are creatively incorporated into all areas of the school, from ceilings to stairwells. This year’s Extravaganza took place Fri. May 27. Students and staff had the chance to partake in various artistic activities, including collaborative murals, giant coloring book pages, choir concerts, and forensics presentations. Classes also took gallery tours of the school. Some popular pieces include a gigantic dragon wrapping around the stairwell, a red octopus hanging against the corner, shoes radiating from a light, and creative clay and book decorations in the library.

During the FAE assembly, over forty art students received Scholastic Art and Writing awards. Beautiful art pieces were featured in a slide show. The day ended with performances by the BC Fashion Club, Choir, Orchestra, and Jazz Band.

“I made up this day twelve years ago,” said BC art teacher Mrs. Capriolo. “It started small, and it is now a huge event. It grows and expands every year!”

The Fine Arts Extravaganza is an extraordinary event for the entire school to come together to celebrate the arts.

Erica Calvache (‘16) said, “My favorite part of the Fine Arts Extravaganza was seeing all the wonderful bright art around the school. I’m happy to see art students receiving the acknowledgment they deserve.”