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New meme pages pop up after last Tyro feature

Stephanie Chen, Head Editor-in-Chief

June 3, 2019

T-1 DAYS BEFORE DISTRIBUTION – Two posts pop up on Instagram. One is from @lancer_band_memes and the other from @bcchoirmemes. Each serves as the Tyro’s first Instagram ads, in exchange for memes from their account being printed in the Tyro itself. ARTICLE DISTRIBUTION DAY - @bcchoirmemes posts a story to express their gr...

Staff feature: Señora Dubiel

Julianne Sun, Print Director

May 30, 2019

As the most popular foreign language at BC, Spanish is one of those classes that brings everyone together. While there are several Spanish teachers, there is one who is infamous among junior and seniors. Her name? Señora Dubiel. When asked why she chose teaching as her profession, Señora Dubiel responded, “I like the school...

“Double trouble”: BC Twins

April 25, 2019

Freshman Twins: Grace and George Katsekes Birthday: September 3rd, 2003 Who's older: George, by one minute Similarity: Playing piano and board games Difference: Grace swims and George likes playing video games What is having a twin like? Grace: "When you have a twin, you grow up with there being someone to...

Student musician receives award for solo jazz performance at Charles Mingus Competition

Student musician receives award for solo jazz performance at Charles Mingus Competition

April 22, 2019

It is said that music has the power to bring people together and turn around the saddest of days into...

Young Democrats offer a unique platform to express thoughts for eager students

Julianne Sun, Entertainment Editor

April 19, 2019

There’s a new club in town, which will allow students to make their voices heard and to engage in pressing real-world issues. Founded by Chandra Chouhan (‘20), Kevin Jacobson (‘19), and Ananya Rajesh (‘20), along with Mr. Keir as the advisor, the High School Democrats of Wisconsin is a club that is devoted to getting...

Proposals of the year: Chobani flip, Distinguished Young Women & music

Neha Ajjampore, Features Editor

April 18, 2019

There’s always a lot of hype surrounding prom, but what people may not know is that most of that hype actually comes from the preparations, rather than prom itself. There’s dress shopping, tuxedo renting, alterations, hair and makeup appointments, and a lot of other preparations that happen prior to the dance. Before all...

Anonymous meme accounts poke fun at BC on Instagram; owners share inspiration behind posts

Stephanie Chen, Editor-in-Chief

April 14, 2019

Note: in order to preserve the anonymity of the meme page owners, all interviews were conducted through Instagram messaging system. Each meme page will henceforth be referred to be their username unless otherwise noted. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away … In the depths of space floated an object like no other. ...

Students provide insight into winning works: share thought process behind creation

Neha Ajjampore, Features Editor

March 20, 2019

Number of students awarded: 19 Number of Gold Keys: 5 Number of Silver Keys: 11 Number of Honorable Mentions: 12 Number of total awards: 28

Golf reflection receives Scholastic Art and Writing Competition award

Golf reflection receives Scholastic Art and Writing Competition award

March 18, 2019

“The golf course can be symbolic of the battlefield of life. In an era where civic corruption is common...

Reid (’19) accepts numerous awards for artwork submissions

Reid (’19) accepts numerous awards for artwork submissions

March 18, 2019

After months of hard work and preparation, the results for the Scholastic Art and Writing competition...

Teacher Feature: Dr. Haney on winning the ASTA Educator Award

March 18, 2019

Every year, an abundance of nominations are passed down to the American String Teachers Association, with hopes of receiving the ASTA Elizabeth A.H. Green String Educator Award. All the nominees chosen display excellence in string education, and showcase the very foundations of musicianship and passion in the teaching field....

Augie, play “Despacito”

Stephanie Chen, Editor-in-Chief

March 18, 2019

A boy picks up the microphone. He tests it out. “Hello.” His voice echoes throughout the mostly vacant cafeteria, drifting over to the large glass windows that face the snow-covered courtyard. Remnants of red paint and smudged sponge marks dot some of the windows; wet, pinkish-black, soapy water drips down others. Standing...

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