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Emily Liu (‘20) and Ananya Rajesh (‘20) at a Debate Meet

Dynamic Debate Duo: Emily Liu (‘20) and Ananya Rajesh (‘20)

March 19, 2020

For debate team captains Emily Liu (‘20) and Ananya Rajesh (‘20), this school year proved to be an...

The photo above was the announcement for the arrival of Officer Kader on the Brookfield Central High School Twitter account.

BC Resource Officer Tony Kader shares goals and experiences

March 18, 2020

  This interview was conducted by Naureen Kamal (‘23) and transcribed by Abbey Turner (‘23). The...

Dopamine makes a pleasurable comeback

Vera Fong, Reporter

December 31, 2019

Energy reverberated through the Black box as students filled the seats to see Dopamine, who had returned with its first comeback of the year. The band is comprised of the juniors; Pranneil Thankavel (‘21), the Lead Singer and Rhythm Guitarist; William Selkey (‘21), the Bassist and Secondary Singer; Sam Patterson (‘21),...

Liem Rao ('23), Alana O'Neill ('23), and Kaya Shaw ('22) smile with some ducks both off and new, with James Pond front and center on the podium. These three French 2 students, along with Megan Manganaro ('23), Khalil Towns ('23), and Alex Enaci ('23), helped bring in the newest batch of rubber ducks.

French Class presents: Duck, Duck… Duck?

December 31, 2019

One would think that finding rubber ducks in a school building would be extremely unusual. With their...

Ivy Smith ('20) and Ailin Farley ('32), embrace after the final performance.

Ivy Smith (’20) says goodbye to Dixon Tradition

December 30, 2019

“For kids, by kids” is the motto of Dixon Elementary’s production of The Nutcracker. Directed by...

Members include (from left to right, bottom to top row): Jahnavi Hansaria (‘22),
Christy Sun (‘22), Maika Olveda (‘22), Radhika Ramesh (‘22), Julia Fernandes

(‘20), Ava Anderson (‘21), Anel Robinson (‘21), Matthew Wagoner (‘20), Chan-
dra Chouhan (‘20), Anja Logan (‘20), Hannah Huntley (‘22), Emma Basel (‘21),

Megan Cottreau (‘22), Nicole Beliveau (‘22), Rayyana Hassan (‘21), Shaun Hughes
(‘21), Warren Treis (‘20), Niyati Hansaria (‘21), Mary Grace Blake (‘22), Emily
Busch (‘20), Liam Flatley (‘20), and Charlie Uczen (‘20). Not pictuerd: Zach Clark
(‘21), Will Whitaker (‘20), Emily Schmit (‘21), and Ryan Flatley (‘22). Hope Squad
advisors are Ms. Katrichs, Mr. Groh, and Mr. Bauer (not pictured).

Wisconsin’s first Hope Squad founded at BCHS

November 4, 2019

A community of friends, trust, and support; hope squad is team that’s there for anyone struggling with...

Alyssa Karger ('20) points out the fireplace in the new art gallery

Art gallery transforms into 3-D optical illusion

November 3, 2019

At first glance, the art gallery looks nothing like its name. Instead of the usual display of paintings...

Maxence Vukovic (top right) and her host family, the Tilkens. When asked about
her first experiences in such a different environment, Vukovic explains, “At first...
when you arrive in your host family, you [think] ‘I don’t know if I can do that’
but...they want you in your home, and for it to be your home.”

French Exchange student explores new culture

November 2, 2019

Four thousand, two hundred miles away from home. That’s four thousand, two hundred miles away from...

New Associate Principal brings new perspective

New Associate Principal brings new perspective

October 6, 2019

With the departure of Mr. Shroeder, who has now assumed the role of Principal at WHMS, we welcome our...

Q&A with German Elmbrook exchange student

Stephanie Chen, Head Editor-in-Chief

September 29, 2019

Q: What was your experience as an exchange student at BC? How did you end up attending BC? What as the most meaningful part of the experience? How was it similar and different than what you expected? What would you say would be the three most significant differences between Germany and America from your experiences? A: I have had a lot...

From left to right: Emma Basel ('21), Nathan Tan ('21), Praneil Thankavel ('21), and Evan Bagwell ('21). The students take a boat tour of Killary Fjord during their day trip to Connemara, Ireland. They learned about the potato famine during the tour.

Two weeks: from Brookfield to Ireland to Germany

September 29, 2019

One week into summer vacation, eleven BC students traveled to Europe. The group began their journey in...

New meme pages pop up after last Tyro feature

Stephanie Chen, Head Editor-in-Chief

June 3, 2019

T-1 DAYS BEFORE DISTRIBUTION – Two posts pop up on Instagram. One is from @lancer_band_memes and the other from @bcchoirmemes. Each serves as the Tyro’s first Instagram ads, in exchange for memes from their account being printed in the Tyro itself. ARTICLE DISTRIBUTION DAY - @bcchoirmemes posts a story to express their gr...

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