Rajaraman, Nelson crowned king and queen



The 2018 BCHS Prom Court poses on the steps of the Intercontinental Hotel with the newly coronated Prom King and Queen Adarsh Rajaraman and Lila Nelson, respectively, in the center. From left to right: bottom row – Sasha Pavlovic, Amy Keane, Emma Fox, Tess Jensen, Lila Nelson, Adarsh Rajaraman, Chris Casey, Blake Boles; second row – Grace Rudek, Eva Vang, Ellie Kumer; third row – Molly Stritesky, Makenna Lemke, Ben Kindler, Daniel Michaels, Danny Cleary; fourth row – Alice McCullough, Chibueze Chioma, Patrick Ramesh, Vaughn Goehrig; fifth row – Kimberly Wetjen, Owen Eppel, Brandon Cimbalnik, Joey Cleary.

Sharada Phadnis, Reporter

From picking out the perfect dress or tuxedo to finding a perfect venue to take the most beautiful pictures, the juniors put in a lot of thought and effort into making prom an experience to remember. Students and parents spent a lot of time organizing this grand event. “We used a lot of meetings during Lancer Block to organize tables and buses, but the real work was the fundraising we did for the past three years,” said class president, Tess Jensen (‘19). In fact the class council has been working on fundraising since the beginning of freshman year.

All the tireless planning became a reality one day before prom when the prom court came together during all the three lunches to pump up the crowd for the huge event. The excitement among the juniors was boundless.

At around 4 PM the next day, juniors gathered at school to board the buses that would take them to the Intercontinental Hotel. After the grand march, Adarsh Rajaraman and Lila Nelson were crowned prom king and queen. “ I hadn’t really envisioned being crowned, so I didn’t know what to do after it happened.” said Rajaraman (‘19). When asked to describe her experience, Lila Nelson (‘19) said, “I was very excited when they crowned me prom queen and I certainly didn’t expect it.” The rest of the evening was filled with food and dancing.

Altogether, prom was a success. “After months of planning for prom and the stress that came with it, I was so relieved to see all of our hard work being executed,” said Eva Vang (‘19), class secretary. Students who organized prom loved seeing and hearing how much fun everyone had. Prom is a unique experience that occurs once in every high school student’s lifetime. This year’s prom was one that no one will forget.