School Board considers Resource Periods

Becca Yi, Activities Editor

Discussions regarding the implementation of resource periods at Brookfield Central and Brookfield East high schools arose at the fall Principle Chat held at Central. After the idea was suggested, a group comprised of administrative staff, teachers, parents, and students gathered to evaluate the proposal and provided feedback for whether or not to implement the resource period beginning in the 2015-16 school year. The committee aims to ensure that students can take advantage of the time and increase the opportunities to receive help from teachers, an objective intended to assist with understanding course work, reviewing for AP exams, or even offer a convenient venue for club meetings. Other schools in Wisconsin currently make use of a resource period in their daily schedules, perhaps influencing the Brookfield schools toward that direction.
Brett Gruetzmacher, Principal of Brookfield Central, comments, “I think there’re a lot of things that we can do and still maintain good classes.” Even though the standard classes would most likely face reductions in length, Gruetzmacher believes that adding this time would benefit the student body. Approving of inserting the resource period after third block, he says, “it can be a good change of pace going from lunch or third block, give you a little reset… The biggest difficulty is for kids and teachers to make that connection.” Gruetzmacher explains that discussing the topic for further review with the teaching and learning committee is next step for the instatement of a resource period in students’ schedules.