BCHS may see more Taco Days as school leaves national school food service program


Brookfield Central’s kitchen manager, Mrs. Golab, has recently explained why the soft shell taco has been eliminated from the school lunch menu. As the popularity of tacos at BC has declined, it has become increasingly evident that hard shell tacos, also called “Macho Nachos” are more popular.

The staff and students at BCHS also have their own opinions regarding the feud over soft shell and hard shell tacos.

“Soft shell was the way to go,” said Mr. Broetzmann, a teacher at BCHS. “In my opinion, I preferred soft shell over hard shell, but I can do with hard shell now”.

“Yes, taco day is so awesome, and I would definitely enjoy if there were more taco days throughout the year,” said Jake Abezetian (’16), “taco day is as big of a day as sub day and all the other really good lunch food days. Lunch would not be the same without it”.

In other schools in the school district, the popularity of hard shell tacos far exceeds that of soft shell tacos, so the BCHS cafeteria decided to make a change. It is clear that this decision was well received among students, as the hard shell tacos have gained approval each month. Now, the cafeteria is looking to change more items to better appeal to the students.

“We have asked the school board for their permission for the two Elmbrook high schools to be removed from the national school food service program,” Mrs. Golab said, “if this happens, we can bring back favorites in which the USDA has said we could no longer sell to the students, [for example] vitamin water and the 16 oz Gatorade among other things”.

“Keep your fingers crossed for more changes,” said Mrs. Golab.