2015 Fine Arts Extravaganza Review

The 11th Annual BC Fine Arts Extravaganza was a tremendous success Friday May 22. Artwork of the most unique designs were displayed throughout the halls of BC, and students had the privilege of participating in different art activities throughout the day. There were a variety of activities taking place, such as an art tour around the school, spray painting in the courtyard, and listening to a band performance. This amazing work in organizing this event, which captured the creative arts in a rare form, could not have been accomplished without Ms. Christine Capriolo, Ms. Sarah Scott, and Ms. Rachel Broge.

Throughout the week of May 18-22, new spectacles progressively became equipped and then cleverly displayed in every corner of BC. “Mrs. Scott’s ceramic & sculpture II students worked very hard to get their art installations created and hung up around the building,” Ms. Capriolo, Art Department Chair and beloved art teacher, commented. “The art installations add an incredible element to the day. Around the whole building we hang up student art work that was created throughout the school year. I hope our non-art students can appreciate the amount of time and effort that goes into creating a piece of art.”

At the end of the day on May 22, the entire student body gathered for what is said to be the greatest assembly of the year. Opening with a song by Alana Michaels, “I’m in love with my imagination” was a beautiful introduction into the assembly. The soft beat of the ukulele was an added bonus to Michaels’ smooth voice. After an awe of clapping by the audience, the co-hosts of the assembly, Abby Ng (‘16) and Dalton Errath (‘16), announced the additional performances and commemorations that would occur later.

The BC choir showcased their hard work throughout the year by singing a rendition of “Bile them cabbage down,” a classic American folk song dating back to 1765. Despite the deeper history of the song surrounding Southern slave lives, the choir and the small band which accented the performance, easily raised the spirits of the audience. Shea Senger (‘15) and Ryan McNulty (‘15) sung a duet for the verses, while the rest of the choir enthusiastically joined in with the chorus, decked out in cowboy hats and bandanas.

The symphony orchestra then performed a wonderful piece which featured Orchestra Director Dr. Denise Haney,a solo by violinist Eric Chen (‘17), as well as a duet by violinist William Pan (‘17) and Ahmed Ali (‘17). The Chamber Orchestra also performed a lovely piece entitled “Tango” later in the assembly.

Ensuing, BC’s Jazz Band performed an alluring piece which boasted the overall talent of the dynamic group. A trumpet solo was performed by Mitchell Kossoris (‘15) as well as a saxophone solo by Carlos Flores (‘16).

Additional congratulations to all of those students who received an award or honorable mention for their artwork. A video of the winners in addition to their artwork can be viewed through the link below. Furthermore, for only the second time in BC History a student, Stephen Wetter, won a Gold Key at state as well as a gold key at nationals in New York.

After the video of the outstanding artwork accomplishments, a video featuring various teachers recreating their favorite paintings was viewed. This annually receives hilarious laughter that rings through the gymnasium considering the recreations are photographed on the BC grounds. A special riot by the audience was due to English teacher Ms. Susan Veeder’s enthusiastic reenactment of the “Ophelia” by John Everett Millais, in which she bravely floated in BC’s own pond.

To conclude the extravaganza, multiple students joined in the Duct Tape Fashion Show, in which the winner is determined by the loudest applause by the audience. Though the challenge appeared to be a close call, the Duct Tape suit by model Jack Feltes (‘15) was named winner.

Once again, the BC Fine Arts Extravaganza proved to be one outstanding and successful event. “My favorite part of the day is seeing so many different people enjoying the day’s activities,” Ms. Capriolo added. “I love to hear how much fun people are having. It makes all the time we spend planning the FAE worth it.”

Congratulations to all those who helped to make this event worthwhile and a special thank you to every amazing artist who put forth their time creating beautiful spectacles for all to enjoy – here’s to 11 more years of fine art.


Congratulations to the multiple winners; please view the amazing artworks these students rendered: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8j7RykzaoEuVWN1ZWpLU3BoSXM/view?usp=sharing

Please enjoy a laugh of the various BC faculty who recreated their favorite paintings:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-m-aUB_IXDw

Want to see more photos of the Extravaganza? Check out this page: https://storify.com/BCHS_SDE/2015-bc-fine-arts-ex

Abby Ng (‘16) and Dalton Errath (‘16) present during the assembly as the orchestra looks on.
Vivian Walbrun
Abby Ng (‘16) and Dalton Errath (‘16) present during the assembly as the orchestra looks on.