Mrs. Allison Hickmann returns to BC


The freshest face to the Brookfield Central staff, Choir director Mrs. Hickmann, is new to the leadership of the school’s program, but certainly not new to the hallways and classrooms of BC.

As a former BC student, Mrs. Hickmann enjoyed performing in musicals, participating in band, and singing in the choir. She grew up on a strong foundation of singing and dancing, and has even been the coach of the Lancerettes Dance team for the previous five years. After graduating from Brookfield Central, Mrs. Hickmann received her degree in K-12 Choral and General Music Education with a minor in dance at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Throughout college, she was involved in a myriad of different singing groups, including the UW-Madison Concert Choir, Chorale, and the a cappella group “Tangled Up in Blue”.

Now, as the choir director of Concert Choir, Women’s Chorale, and Chamber Choir, as well as the vocal director for this year’s musical, “Crazy For You”, Mrs. Hickmann is most definitely re-establishing her roots in Brookfield Central. She has high hopes about what this year of choir has to offer. “I have already seen so many talented and dedicated students, and I look forward to seeing what we can all do together!” said Mrs. Hickmann. “My goal is to get students excited about singing, and in turn, grow the program.” She also commented that she had always wanted to be a teacher, and that her strong background in the arts and her roots at BC made this position seemed like a ‘natural fit’.

In return, many choir students rave about the “positive environment” she has created in the classroom. Hannah Ludwick, a member of the Chamber Choir and a participant in this year’s musical, “Crazy For You,” said, “Mrs. Hickmann has changed some aspects of choir to make them her own, but she’s upholding many of our traditions. I am looking forward to this year with her!” Mrs. Hickmann is keeping traditions, such as the annual Sacred Music Concert at St. Mary’s Church in December, yet is adding her own twist of ideas to create a fresh start that many choir members were looking for. The upcoming choir concert at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts on October 20th starts at 7:00 PM with a theme of ‘uplifting and inspirational.’ This is where Mrs. Hickmann will conduct her first concert as the Choir Director for Brookfield Central.