Lancers and Little Dragons unite

What sounds like the perfect autumn Tuesday for a pre-schooler? How about hanging out with a cool group of high schoolers, reading books upon books, carving out pumpkin guts, and jamming out to music? That is exactly how the pre-school students at Dixon Elementary spent three of their Tuesdays in late September and October.

Seven BC student athletes went to Dixon to offer experience in various sports from football to gymnastics, these athletes were prime role-models for the pre-school students October 27.

“You can tell by the look in their eyes and the energy they have that they really do look up to you,” Justin Stollberg (’16) commented. The high school athletes connected to the students by each reading stories to groups of five or six children. During the second visit, the athletes carved out pumpkin guts, helped the children decorate pumpkins, and played games in gym class.

The visits built relationships between the high school and elementary school students in the Elmbrook School District. Caroline Busch (’17) remarked, “One specific girl sticks out in my mind. After we had scraped out all the seeds of the pumpkin, she would not stop playing with and touching the gooey guts in the pumpkin. Her hands were getting so messy, and she was getting it all over her clothes. It was so cute!”

Marissa Zepecki (’17) said, “They all hated the pumpkin guts, which was really funny! However, my favorite line was when I asked them how old they thought I was, and they said ‘87! 100! 10,000!’” She hopes that the visit encouraged the students to do everything to the best of their ability, to make friends,                                                                             and to stay positive.

Stollberg offered his advice, saying, “As a student athlete, I would definitely tell future Lancers to have fun with what they do. I play baseball because it’s fun, not because of anything else. This does not just apply to sports; it can be with work, college, or even just friends.”

September 29 brought six musicians from the BC Orchestra to Dixon in hopes of peaking the students’ interest in music. Before performing, violinists Emily Lambert (’16), Rylan Smolik (’16), Amber Soik (’16), violist Rebecca Lee (’17), cellist John Turco (’16), and bassist Joe Addisu (’16) showed off their instruments.

“It’s great that these children are learning more about instruments and music,” Lee added, “Not many children know about the viola, so it was fun seeing their confused faces when I played a couple notes on it. Hopefully, this inspired some of them to take up viola when they grow older.” The group played selections from “Pirates of the Caribbean,” highlights from “The Sound of Music,’ and tunes such as “Pop Goes the Weasel.”

The Little Dragons were not the only ones impacted by the Lancers’ visit. Lee said, “[The students] especially loved simpler songs like “Pop Goes the Weasel.” It reminded me that little things do count, and that simple things in life should give us joy. More often than not, simple things are taken for granted in a high schooler’s busy life. “

With mutual benefits, the Lancer and Little Dragon visit was clearly a success. “I would definitely love to go back. It was a great experience and a lot of fun!” said Busch. These are hopefully the first of many visits for the Brookfield Central Lancers.