Introducing Chess Club


Alena Huang

The BC Chess team concentrates at the 2015 State Scholastic Chess Championships.

Every Monday after school, Ms. Veeder’s literature classroom becomes a hub for chess enthusiasts, beginners and experts alike. During meetings, members are able to play chess while hanging out with their fellow chess team members. Players can increase problem solving skills and increase their ability to make logical and abstract decisions. The founder and president of chess club, Alena Huang (’18), played chess for quite a few years before starting the team as a freshman. Huang loves the game because of the “endless possibilities in how it’s played”. She decided to start the club in order to allow other students to “have fun and play chess games with friends” and experience “a great place to meet new people”. Team members can either play socially for enjoyment or competitively at tournaments with other schools’ chess teams.

The BC chess club is a great place for everyone to socialize and reap the benefits of playing chess!