Boys varsity Soccer wins regional championships


Billy Poulos

The soccer team holds their Regional Champion plaque. Seniors Josh Fernandez, Bruno Indig, Sean Khang, Henry Mirsberger, Billy Poulos, Lucas Stormowski; Juniors Nathan Hilmer, Michael Lemke, Chris Post, Sam Rhode, Nate Verhagen; Sophomores Ian Debbink, Ben Geibl, Emer Martinez, Alex Mirsberger, Andrew Schweinert, Austen Schweinert, Michael Windsor; Freshman Josh Thistle

The Brookfield Central Boys soccer team is coming off a successful year during a time when expectations were low. The team was now without key players Johnny Dusing (’15), Noah Antonneau (’15), and Duncan Favill (’15), graduates this past spring. The team was supposed to be in a rebuilding year with a very young team sprinkled with a couple juniors and seniors. However, the team completely defied expectations and persevered until they struck gold.

The varsity squad held a record of six wins, five losses and two ties. Their individual statistics were not the most impressive; however, this tells a false tale as the team this year did not have one star player that completely took over the game. It was a total and complete team effort where the players on the team put aside their individual ambitions for the good of the team. Captain Bruno Indig (’16) realized that with their lineup there would be no chance for greatness unless they were able to band together.

To accomplish this, there was a lot of hard work including summer fitness, twice as many captains’ practices as last year, and more work towards the big picture. At first the results of all this hard work just wasn’t producing results for the team. It was right before the playoffs and the boys had just lost to Menomonee Falls, a team that according to Indig, was very beatable. This is where the true strength of the team showed, they didn’t crumble and collapse. They came together at the time when it was most needed and then one week later beat Madison West, a very tough team, right before the playoffs. This gave the varsity the momentum to not only destroy their first playoff match against Manitowoc Lincoln but then beat a very tough Oconomowoc team to become Regional Champions for the first time in five years. The team would unfortunately lose the following game to the #1 seed Arrowhead but overall end on a high note.

In sports almost every team will talk about how they try to work on teamwork and looking at the big picture. However, very few teams have been able to achieve the identity of teamwork that the Brookfield Central Soccer team did. On a season of highs and low the team was able to grind through the lows and soar on the highs.

When asked about his team and how it affected him, Indig responded with, “This team is one of the greatest things I have been a part of and I will never forget my brothers from this squad.” That one quote sums up the entire year for the Brookfield Central Varsity Soccer team- teamwork, camaraderie, and brotherhood.