Meet the Choir Cousins: Ben and Henning Mahn

Q: Do people ever confuse you for brothers?
Ben: Once maybe, [it’s] not a common thing.
Henning: People confuse us for brothers all the time. We look alike and have a ton of the same interests, so I don’t blame them.

Q: Have you always been friends or are you not that close?
Ben: We’ve gotten closer since I returned to the Elmbrook School District in 8th grade.
Henning: We were super close when we were younger, but there was a gap where we didn’t really see each other much over the course of a couple years. As soon as we reconnected, however, we hit it right back off.

Q: Does anyone ever mix up your names?
Ben: More than confusing us as brothers but still not as much.
Henning: Oh yeah. Mostly teachers never get us straight. ESPECIALLY when we’re in the same class.

Q: How has having a member of your family at the same school affected you at school?
Ben: It’s alright, you know.
Henning: It helps make school seem somewhat more like home, having a cousin at school. It’s like a special connection that you do not really get with other people in the building.

Q: Would you still be friends if you weren’t cousins?
Ben: Probably. I think if we weren’t family we would without a doubt still be friends.
Henning: I think we would most definitely still be friends, being so close in age and interests. We get along really well, and I don’t think not being related would change that.

Q: Do you think you will stay close in the future?
Ben: Hopefully. I’d like to stay in touch if we end up being separated somehow.

Q: Favorite part about being cousins?
Ben: Making jokes about grandparents is pretty nice.
Henning: We certainly always seem to know what the other is thinking. We’re so similar in our comedic and conversational styles, and it honestly makes for some pretty hilarious situations.