Holidays with the Hartwigs: red velvet Valentine’s Day cake balls

Allison and Natalie Hartwig

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to step up your game and win your sweetheart over once and for all. As anyone knows, the way to the heart is not through a lame Valentine, but through food. Cookies are nice, but they are so last year, and everyone is pretty sick of them from the holiday season. Instead, try some cake balls! They are tasty and bite-sized, so you can have a couple without feeling guilty. The recipe below is for red velvet, but the possibilities are endless!

  1. Bake the red velvet cake as directed by the box or recipe. Cool in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes.Then, crumble the cake into a large bowl.Holidays with the Hartwigs 1
  2. Thoroughly mix in your cream cheese frosting with your cake. Depending on the moisture of your cake, you can add more or less frosting until you can mold the mixture with your hands. You can use an electric mixer or just knead it together with your hands (using your hands may be more thorough!)Holidays with the Hartwigs 2
  3. Roll the mixture into balls and place on a wax paper lined tray. This makes about 25 tablespoon-sized balls, but you can decrease the size of the balls to get more.
  4. Chill the tray in the refrigerator or freezer for several hours or until the dough is firm.Holidays with the Hartwig 3
  5. Melt the package of chocolate chips in a double boiler (you could also use a microwave, but just be sure not to burn the chocolate. The chocolate may not be as convenient for dipping this way either.)
  6. Dip each cake ball in the white chocolate and place back on the tray. Once the chocolate has hardened, serve and enjoy!

“This recipe is delicious! It’s perfect for parties because they’re fun and easy to eat,”
– Vivian Walbrun (‘17)