Key Club attends District Convention


Emily Johnson

The BC Key Club Executive Board poses for a photograph in their business casual attire at the KI Center. (From left to right) Front row: Gene Lee (‘18), Sophia Sun (‘18), Emily Smith (‘17), Ananya Rajaraman (‘17), Emily Oberst (‘16), Tara Zembinski (‘16), Abby Ng (‘16). Back row: Rachel Baker (‘16), Karina Weltcheff (‘16), Hema Gharia (‘17), Megan Moretti (‘17), Becca Yi (‘17), Emily Johnson (‘17).

Becca Yi, Activities Editor

As the BC Key Clubbers walked into the Hyatt hotel March 11, they could tell they were not in Kansas anymore. Many Key Clubs from all over Wisconsin donned posters, streamers, and balloons on the balcony railings, designed especially for this year’s theme: The Wizard of Oz.

The first day was meant to ease in convention-goers and consisted of the opening ceremony, keynote speaker, and the first workshop. On the second day, attendees could anticipate a rigorous agenda full of workshops and caucuses to elect division and district leaders. Each year, a lieutenant governor is selected for each of the sixteen districts, and new district board members are selected for the entire Wisconsin Upper-Michigan region. This year, one of BC Key Club’s very own board members, Gene Lee (‘18), was elected lieutenant governor of Division 8. Lee was essentially required to give an impromptu speech in front of several divisions.

“Standing up in front of everyone, even though it was a small group of mostly strangers, was both one of the most terrifying and triumphant moments I’ve ever experienced. I’m proud of myself for taking a chance and getting out of my comfort zone,” said Lee.
Next year, she will be responsible for overseeing activities of schools within the division.

“It’s truly an honor,” said Lee. “And I love that I’ll be more involved in Key Club.”

In addition to Lee’s election, Co-Presidents Abby Ng (‘16) and Rachel Baker (‘16) and Treasurers Emily Johnson (‘17) and Hema Gharia (‘17) won Distinguished Officer Awards for their dedication to the club.

Co-President Abby Ng commented, “We have worked really hard to help the community this school year, and I am so glad we got to celebrate our achievements together.”