Lancer Lounge unveiled for 2016-17 school year

Sophia Sun, News Editor

April 15, students sat in the gym bleachers listening in anticipation for the next Lancer Way Blue & White Award recipient’s name. As described by Henry Mirsberger (‘16), the next recipient of the coveted award was “no regular cup of Joe.” Later, this idiom would prove to have a more literal meaning.

While Mirsberger continued to leave the audience waiting in suspense, the lights dimmed and two bright beams of light shined across the gym. After a moment of confusion, the rays of light settled on a banner stretching across the balcony announcing the finalization of plans for a coffee shop at BC next year. Featuring drinks from Colectivo, students will have easy access to their morning brew without having to rush to first block, only to arrive at 7:56 AM.

Other than providing a daily dose of caffeine, the Lancer Lounge will also include a common area for students to collaborate, study, and relax, according to a newsletter from Mr. Brett Gruetzmacher.

“Our Business Leadership students are currently engaged in creating a space that will positively affect the Brookfield Central experience for all current and future students,” wrote Mr. Gruetzmacher. “The space will be called the Lancer Lounge Learning Lab (L4) and will provide opportunities for students to gain real world work place skills while also creating a collaborative space for our community.”

Mariam Khan (‘18), a member of DECA, is eager to participate in the opportunities presented by the new Lancer Lounge.

“The Lancer Lounge will be a great way to take part in and learn from a real business,” said Khan. She added, “And it’ll be a real easy way for me to get coffee in the morning!”

Some students raised concerns about whether the Lancer Lounge is the most pressing thing BC needs.  However, the project is not funded by the school, but through private donations.

There is also question as to whether the newly proposed Lancer Lounge will affect business at the already established BC Cafe. Chelsea Russell (‘18), an active member of Best Buddies, dismissed this concern.

“The Lancer Lounge could take away some business from the BC Cafe, but the cafe has loyal customers who like coming to hang out with the buddies too” said Russell. She added, “The Lancer Lounge seems like a really good idea and will be great to have for days that the BC Cafe isn’t open!”

Mrs. Megan Fisher, business teacher at BC, added, “[The] BC Cafe and the Lancer Lounge have already started working on a plan to collaborate, not compete.”

For students who are interested in being involved with the Lancer Lounge project, Fisher says, “Take Business Leadership! This has been a Business Leadership project since its inception. They have done market research, met with the vendors and made the decisions.”

Although the Lancer Lounge is still in its early stages of development, there is still much buzz and excitement about the new source of java for the notoriously sleepy-eyed students.