King and Queen crowned at Central’s Prom


Alan Herzberg

2016 Prom King, Adam Weiner (’17), and Prom Queen, Sophie Bohr (’17), pose together for a photo after the Grand March. They will crown the next King and Queen March 25th, 2017.

Prom goers from Brookfield Central witnessed a fabulous crowning of King and Queen April 16 at the Intercontinental Hotel. The Class of 2017 dressed to impress on the Red Carpet and enjoyed a night full of eating, dancing, and taking many, many photos.  Adam Weiner (‘17) and Sophie Bohr (‘17) were crowned after the Grand March, and they both expressed their surprise after becoming Prom King and Queen.

“I was very shocked when I opened my rose and saw it was red!” said Bohr. Jokingly, she added, “It was actually quite scary!”

Overall, the prom seemed to be well-received. “Seeing everyone dressed up, hanging out, dancing, and eating good food really made the night special,” Weiner said. “Plus, I got to have three dates: Sarah Pasternak (‘17), Jane Gehringer (‘17), and Sophie Bohr.”

After seeing nothing but a week’s worth of prom photos on social media, the flood has just about come to a stop and the buzz of prom has started to fade. However, thanks to the professional photographers, fabulous photo booth, and cameras of proud parents, it is safe to say that this prom will remain as a stellar night in everyone’s memories.