BC band travels to New York

At 3:00 pm, May 17, two buses filled with exhilarated members of the BC band, departed for a long nineteen hour drive to New York, where they would be playing aboard the USS Intrepid Aircraft Carrier as well as in Central Park Band Shell Plaza. During this six day adventure, the band students had the privilege to visit Ellis Island, tour the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, spend a night aboard the Spirit Cruise at New York Harbor, view the Broadway production of “Les Miserables,” and much more.

Throughout his twenty year career thus far at BC, the beloved band director Mr. Jason Gillette has been taking his band students on biannual trips from LA to London. This year the band was able to travel to NY for an unforgettable experience.

“I am very proud of how our students represented BC and the community. We performed at a very high level and took in many great cultural events,” Mr. Gillette said. “We experienced several highlights while in NY, but performing with former student [who has starred in several productions on Broadway], Chelsea (Krombach) Packard was sensational.”

In addition to playing on the Intrepid May 20, the band performed in Central Park May 21 where the students’ enthusiasm hit the clouds.

Clarinettist and conductor Shannon Feng (‘16) said, “While conducting, I could feel that the band was super energized and upbeat. We had a great crowd observing us and overall it felt awesome.”

“It was almost unreal performing in Central Park,” oboist and conductor Rachel Illgen (‘16) said. “[While] conducting, I was a bit nervous just because there were so many strangers in the park…but it was like a rush of adrenaline rush once we got going. It was amazing to hear and feel all our hard work pay off.”

Flutist Caitlin Kampschroer (‘16) added, “At one point, we were playing Bohemian Rhapsody, and a newlywed couple came out in front of the crowd and started dancing. It was the cutest moment ever.”

Along the way the band students shared unforgettable memories. Feng’s funniest memory included getting lost on a random subway in Manhattan, 60 blocks from the meeting place.

Kampschroer said her favorite moment “was being able to sit front row to see Les Miserables on Broadway…Jean ValJean (John Owen-Jones) spit on me while he was singing, and it was the best experience of my life.”

Overall, the 2016 band trip was a memorable opportunity for the students.

“As a senior who has been with this program for four years, I feel like this trip was the best possible way to end my band experience,” said Kampschroer. “We had so many amazing opportunities, and I got to travel across the country with my best friends to experience things that I will remember forever.”

The BC band would like to thank Mr. Gillette and Mr. JD Cooney for making this trip such an fantastic experience.