New changes implemented in Lancer Block

This year, administrators have revamped the Lancer Block system, which was implemented in the 2015-16 school year. This newer version of Lancer Block is enforcing more structured time slots, as well as a focus on encouraging student-staff relations.

The changes include a special Lancer Block called “Lancer LINK” held every Monday, where students will meet with their assigned homeroom teacher, with each LINK consisting of four to five students from each grade level. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, students will spend the block in a classroom of one of their current teachers, while on Friday, students are free to go to whichever teacher they wish. As the year progresses, it is intended for Friday’s Lancer Block period to be used for clubs and other school groups’ meetings.

The decision was based on the results of a school-wide survey from last year – specifically, a question that asked whether or not students felt that they had at least one adult in the school that they could trust. Since many students answered negatively, Brookfield Central decided to use this block of time to help foster relations between students and staff, as well as other classmates.  As students will have the same homeroom teacher throughout their high school career, the hope is that incoming freshmen will have an adult they can rely on and upperclassmen to mentor and guide them through the year.

“The purpose of [Lancer LINK] is to have students work together and make connections within their LINK, as well as helping students plan their time and organize themselves as they go through the rest of the week,” stated school principal Mr. Brett Gruetzmacher. Additionally, the time slot can be used to deliver school-wide presentations or announcements and hold assemblies without taking time out of class.

Despite the intended benefits, some students are concerned about the implementation of the new Lancer Block system. For instance, some students taking difficult courses are worried about teachers turning away students during lancer block if the classroom becomes full; this new system reduces students’ classroom options on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s and lessens their time to receive assistance. With the changes only having been in effect for a short time, the benefits and detriments of the new system remain to be seen.