Central French students explore the City of Lights


Mary Mann

From left to right: Kiley Smith (‘17), Nick Hill (‘18), Alexa Keane (‘17), Sasha Semina (‘18), Andrea Grimaldo (‘18), Emily Smith (‘17), Michelle Liang (‘17), and Lena Jensen (‘17)

Departing Wisconsin in late June, the BCHS French Department traveled to France, visiting various cities across the country, including Paris, Nice, Cannes, and Nimes. In addition to hitting all of the major tourist destinations and taking in the gorgeous views, the French students immersed themselves in French culture and sharpened their linguistic skills.
Lena Jensen (‘17), a current French student who attended the trip, commented, “At first, it was hard to understand people because of their accents, but as we stayed there longer, it became much easier.”
The trip began in Paris, where the group visited the Louvre, Opera House, Eiffel Tower, l’Arc du Triomphe, and Notre Dame. The group then split up and traveled south to various towns for their homestay, lodging with host families and getting a taste of the French lifestyle.
Jensen said that during her homestay she got to attend prom, mentioning that they had fire bursting from the speakers – an unusual special effect that made it a much better party than any American prom.
Students also had the opportunity to delve deeper into their French speaking skills, learning slang from their homestay family and teaching them English as well. Finally, the students traveled to various cities in the south, where the group did the majority of their shopping and beach-going.
“I liked going to the south the best,” said Jensen. “I actually got a tan from the Cannes beaches, which never happens, and I for sure spent the most money shopping there.” Jensen commented that she shopped so much that she had to leave her running shoes in France, her suitcase being so full from all of the shopping.
These French students definitely began their summer on a positive note with a seemingly fantastic trip, and their understanding of French culture heightened significantly in just two short weeks.
Between the amazing crêpes at Ladurée and the wonderful boat cruise on the Seine, Madame Mann was very successful in giving her students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tour a beautiful country and share their experiences with their family and classmates.