Bonjour de Belgique – Welcome Wivine to WI

Every year, BC is given the opportunity to host foreign exchange students from all around the world. 18-year-old Wivine Lambert de Rouvroit is from a small city in central Belgium called Namur. Though moving here was a huge change, Wivine says she was ready for it. She adds, “My sister did [this program] five years ago and she told me it was the best thing that ever happened in her life.”
On the differences between Belgium and the US, Wivine jokes, “There is a lot of difference. I could write an entire book!” She says, “Here, if you want to eat chips at 7 am, you can. In Belgium, we have a [specific] hour for everything. You can only eat chips before dinner, for example.” On a more serious note, she points out that everything here is bigger – the cities, the distances, and the food. In addition, classes in Wivine’s school in Belgium differ every day, quite a contrast to our set block schedule.
From her experience here so far, Wivine proudly states that she has greatly improved her English. Since Wivine speaks French and Dutch fluently, BC students can learn a lot from her as well!
At the end of this school year, Wivine will go back to Belgium to attend college for graphic design. Although she will be finishing her education in Belgium, we hope that she can use her experiences in the United States and at BCHS to expand on her background and achieve her goals.