A Letter to my freshman self


Madison Hummel, senior, smiles for her senior photo.

Dear Freshman Self (Version 1.0),
Ah, freshman year, a time of wonder and a time of fear of the unknown. I remember walking through those front doors for the first time on registration day, looking around at all of the established people, and praying either that I fit in – or that no one noticed me. Watching the incoming freshmen class on their first day, I can’t help but relive some of those memories again on my last first day of high school. And I can’t help but reminisce about my first year.
Since I have delved back into my memories, I have cause to address my freshman self. There are a couple of things I would like to warn you about, things that will be helpful in making your high school experience better than mine was. (By the way, you’re going to drop your lunch tray on October 8, so watch out for that.)

#1: Grades aren’t everything. Of course staying on top of your work and striving for a better grade is important, but make sure you’re getting enough sleep and are happy. I remember stressing over so many minute details that sleep was scarce – definitely NOT worth it in the end. And, like it or not, teachers are your best friend. Most are understanding and will help you out by explaining the material in a different way or allowing you more time on tests, especially if you help them understand your situation better.

#2: Speak up. If I have learned anything throughout high school, it’s that no one really remembers the little mistakes you make when answering a question in class because they are mainly focused on either answering themselves or not at all. If anything, making mistakes helps you learn the material better. So please, do not be afraid to voice your opinion or go against what everyone is saying.

#3: Don’t let others’ bad experiences ruin it for you. Teachers, classes, and other people here at Brookfield Central are all great. Unfortunately, rumors can make teachers out to be either unfair or lazy. Also, classes infamous for being tough and rumors can even make other people out to be villains. Honestly, that is not the case, and you never know unless you try it out for yourself with a positive attitude.

#4: Finally, be bold. High school goes by extremely fast, and it’s a great place to express yourself and make as many friends as possible. Don’t be afraid to mingle with the older crowd because they are all awesome too. And when you become an upperclassman, make friends with the younglings in the grades below.

High school will be a blast, trust me, but with these tips it can be even better. All I can say now is, enjoy!


Senior Self (Version 4.0)