Mrs. Schiro to participate in film fellowship program


Vivian Walbrun

Mrs. Honore Schiro talks to her class about the 1960 film Psycho.

The Milwaukee Film Festival is an event that brings many different and interesting films to theatres all over Milwaukee. These films are unlike those you would see in a movie theatre, and being exposed to them can change one’s way of thinking. The purpose of the film festival is, according to the Milwaukee Film Festival’s website, “To entertain, educate and engage our community through cinematic experiences.”
One of the programs offered by the Milwaukee Film Festival is known as the Fellowship Program, which is designed specifically for educators. The program brings together teachers from all over the Milwaukee area to watch and discuss films while also brainstorming more ways to connect films into curriculum.
Brookfield Central’s own Mrs. Schiro has been chosen as one of the eight educators to participate in this program. She expressed her excitement during an interview, saying, “If anything, this program validates film as a viable way to learn. Film is, after all, just alternative text.” In addition to film being validated as a way to teach, Mrs. Schiro is able to learn from the experience by incorporating new films into her classroom. She even stated that one of the best parts of the experience is getting what she calls ‘a golden ticket,’ or an all access pass to the festival. With this pass she can view new and interesting films before most other people and may be able to use them for recreational and educational purposes.
Lastly, Mrs. Schiro encourages all students to go to the festival, saying, “Go to some of the theatres around Milwaukee, like the Oriental Theatre! It can just immerse you in a different realm of films, and you might find you’ll enjoy it!”