Freshman Feature: meet Madison Loppnow


Christina Casale

Madison Loppnow smiles for a photo despite the craziness of freshman year.

With all of the craziness that new classes, sports/activities, and Homecoming week bring, the start of BC’s school year can be incredibly hectic, especially for BC’s freshmen. Between pep rallies and new classmates, freshmen are thrown into high school’s whirlwinds and pressures with a little prep and a new Chromebook, told to get involved and keep up. Freshman Madison Loppnow definitely understands the feeling, being a freshman on the Varsity Swim and Dive team and swimming for Elmbrook Swim Club, all while trying to keep up with school and her social life. “[My favorite class] is probably Painting and Drawing.” says Loppnow, naming a class that gives her some relief from high school’s crazy expectations and sometimes impossible due dates.
Coming from Wisconsin Hills Middle School, she knew many of her BC classmates to begin with, but she always has new classmates to meet. “It’s weird having people from all grades in my classes,” Loppnow comments, “although I mostly have freshman and just one senior, it’s still a bit weird.” Loppnow also mentioned that BC’s size is a lot bigger than middle school, and it took some time for her to get used to it.
When asked about homecoming, Loppnow says “I liked dressing up, it was cool!” Although she didn’t dress up for every Homecoming week theme day, she did find some outfits for Disney day and class color day, showing some school spirit.
Showing enthusiasm from the get-go, Loppnow can’t wait for what the future holds for her at BC, both in the classroom and in the pool. Although school tends to pile up on students, especially as the school years and classes progress, Loppnow shows the charisma and attitude necessary for success.