End of Year Carnival

This year, Student Council will be presenting the End of the Year Carnival with a new twist. On Wednesday, June 4, students will be able to participate in what was previously a picnic, now changed to a full-fledged event.

Five years ago, the end of the year festival began as a fundraiser, but it later became a celebration of the year’s conclusion. In the past, Student Council organized a grill-out during all the lunch periods, however, this year they are changing up the itinerary that will soon be known. Michael Dobrzynski (’15) is working with Lauren Locante (’14) to organize the enjoyable event and plan on getting the whole school involved. Dobrsynski explained, “The main reason we are trying to bring this event back is to give students an end of the year party to congratulate them on all of the hard work and effort they put into the school year.”

Student Council is inviting all the different clubs from around the school to contribute to spicing up the festival. Mr. Dapelo, advisor of Student Council, said “We want to promote the idea of all the clubs and groups together something, to develop a better sense of community.”  Clubs can set up booths, sell food, and run games in the front of the school.

Closer to the date of the event, more activities will become concrete. Dobrzynski continues, “We are trying to make this event very enjoyable for the student body, so we are working on trying to incorporate many different forms of entertainment ranging from anything in the category of bouncy houses to dunk tanks.”

Looking to the future, Locante and Dobrzynski hope to make the End of the Year Carnival an annual, school-wide event. Dobrzynsky said, “We hope that when other clubs see how successful this event can become that they will choose to become involved in the future years with the planning and operating of the End of the Year Picnic.”