Boys Tennis Season Begins

Shreya Ravindran, Reporter

The Brookfield Central’s boys’ tennis team is off to a commendable start and is already making laudable efforts for improvements.

In the pre-season, the team earned the title of tenth in the state, and their early success carried over to the beginning of the official season. The first match was against West Bend East High School, which led to phenomenal results: Brookfield Central had five wins and two losses. In the singles, Sam Liu (’15) and Sam Schreiner (’16) played invincibly and won their matches. The doubles also played vigorously, adding to the efficacy of the team. Tarun Jella (’15) and Carlos Flores Komatsu (’16), Henry Mirsberger (’16) and Ben Peterson (’16), and David Nemcek (’15) and Royce Wagg (’15) played splendidly and won their matches.

“We had a very young team last year, and all of us have worked very hard during the off season to mature and improve our individual games,” Tarun Jella (’15) mentioned. “We are going to take this season one match at a time and hope that our work pays off; it should be a great year!”

Clearly, the boys are showing signs of perseverance and determination to reach great heights. The team is currently looking forward to many more successful matches, including for their upcoming varsity invitational at Cedarburg. Although it took hard work and time to get into the swing of things, the players have certainly found their stroke!