Mock Trial case comes to a close


John Vogt

Team #1 is formed by Elianne del Campo (‘20), Eva Vang (‘19), Aparna Jayashankar (‘18), Alex Uy (‘17), Angel Mayo (‘17), Kathleen Wierzchowski (‘17), Payal Ahuja (‘17), Shayna Seegert (‘17), and Sanchi Kalra (‘17). Team #2 is formed by Chandra Chouhan (‘20), Sania Arora (‘20), Andrew Ng (‘20), Tylan Farrokhnia (‘20), Samantha Krutz (‘20), Cameron Kohlmann (‘20), Adarsh Rajaraman (‘19), Kate Syverson (‘18), and Alexis Nowakowski (‘18). The teams are at the Sauk County Courthouse.

Objection! The Brookfield Central Mock Trial Teams have concluded their season!

This year, the BC Mock Trial program is made up of two teams. The teams have competed in multiple scrimmages against different teams from all around the state.
The Mock Trial teams headed to Regionals at the Waukesha County Courthouse Feb. 11, and competed in four trials each. In Mock Trial, teams compete in half of the rounds as the defense, and the other half as prosecution/plaintiff. Members can either be lawyers or witnesses. Lawyers have to be prepared with direct and cross questions, opening and closing arguments, as well as be vell versed in court procedures. Witnesses have to become a character based on that character’s affidavit and be questioned on the stand. Both teams were able to receive very unique and positive feedback from their judges throughout their competitions. Their hard work and dedication throughout the season resulted in both teams having relatively high scores at the end of the day. Team 1 placed sixth overall, and Team 2 placed seventh.
A lot of the members of Team 1 are seniors. Regarding the season, Payal Ahuja (‘17), one of the captains, said, “It is of course really, really sad. I wish I could do a hundred more mock trials in high school! I am going to continue mock trial in college, though. I’ve taken as much out of this experience as I can in four years and I’m excited to explore it further at a bigger, more competitive level. It’s been really interesting watching the team grow over four years. I’m excited to come back and judge or coach!”
This season has been memorable for everyone participating. Both teams have shown their talent along every step of the way and are eagerly awaiting the next season.