BC Students star in Little Shop of Horrors


George Katsekes Jr

BC students in this scene include Henning Mahn (’18), Sophie Michalski (’18), Brett Fong (’17), and Kara Olander (’18)

Seniors Brett Fong and Kevin Fuller have been performing in musicals throughout their high schools careers. Not only have they participated in various school musicals including Crazy For You and Oliver, but they participate in musicals at Milwaukee’s Sunset Playhouse on a regular basis. Most recently, they worked on the well known production Little Shop of Horrors. The musical was a great success, and was presented at Sunset Playhouse’s Furlan Auditorium from March 2 to March 19.

This musical portrays the story of a florist named Seymour Kelborn. The first scene opens with Seymour buying a unique plant in a flower shop; he names it Audrey II after Audrey, the woman he is secretly in love with. He tries feeding the plant, only to find out that it feeds on human flesh and blood. As the story progresses, the plant manipulates and deceives everyone it encounters.
The show was directed by Brookfield Central AP Psychology teacher, Mr. Thomas Lueck, and the cast included six BC students: Brett Fong (‘17), Kevin Fuller (‘17), Sophie Michalski (‘18), Henning Mahn (‘18), Kara Olander (‘18), and Nikki Ranney (‘18). Seymour, the show’s lead, was played by Brookfield Central alum, Landon Quinney (‘15).

The local Brookfield Now newspaper even wrote an article full of praise for the cast’s production. The author, Marilyn Jozwik, commented that “The show has a crisp tempo, pacing that is very controlled but fast moving with every scene and performers doing their job like a finely tuned piece of machinery.” She concluded her glowing review of the musical by adding that “Sunset’s ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ is a wonderful feast of a musical for anyone with an appetite for a wacky, Twilight Zone-type romp.” It is evident that those who watched the performance certainly loved the experience.