How to Survive the Last Weeks of School

Vivian Walbrun, Editor

As the school year is coming to an end, students become restless as summer approaches. However, students cannot lose their attention just yet. How can a student survive the last weeks of school?

1. Getting Sleep

Students often deprive themselves of sleep when they attempt to complete homework. This leads to an unhealthy sleep schedule and creates unnecessary stress. It is known that the brain cannot fully function until 10:00 a.m. Since school begins at 8:00 a.m., students should sleep in class. It is a misconception that falling asleep in class is inconsiderate. When half the class is asleep, teachers don’t have to try to keep the class engaged. This gives teachers a chance to catch up on their social lives while their students dream.

2. Having Enough Time to Study

It has been proven that studying the night before is very helpful. This method has consistent results. Test grades have shown to give the results students want: not failing.

3. Digital Inspiration

To ensure that students keep their eyes on academic success, it is encouraged that copious amounts of reality television are endured each day.  From viewing pretentious and idiotic actions, students can glimpse what could happen if they don’t finish school. This is more important than homework: it is inspirational.

4. Nutritional Benefits

Students often remove eating from their lives. Proteins and sugars are brain food. Carbo crams for class should be installed for progress. This will also fatten up students, making them look less gaunt and deprived of happiness.

Following these steps will ensure a victorious end to the school year.