Key Club raises money to support victims of Hurricane Harvey


Sophia Sun

Students walk along Calhoun Rd. to show support for victims of Hurricane Harvey

Kevin Jacobson, Online Editor

Hurricane after hurricane hit in late August and early September. Hurricane Harvey was the first to land, decimating the Texas coast from Aug 25 to Aug 31, dumping almost 5 feet of rain in some areas, causing up to $75 billion dollars in damage, and killing 82 people.

This was the worst hurricane to make landfall since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Immediately, the country sprang into action. Millions of relief dollars started flowing in from across the country, raising over $350 million as of Sep 15.

Brookfield Central High School saw the destruction, and the students of Key Club moved as quickly as possible to do what they could to help. In just over a week the students of BC Key Club organized a walk to raise awareness and money for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

When asked why this was so important to her, Key Club Co-President Sophia Sun (‘18) responded, “I spent two summers at a camp in Texas where I made countless friends from the Houston area that were impacted by Harvey. Seeing my own community from home here at Brookfield Central pitch in to help people in Houston, even if they might not have direct connections through family or friends there, personally meant the world to me.”

On Sep 8, 1,400 Brookfield Central students walked over 1 mile to help raise awareness for the cause. Many of the students wore green which is the color to raise awareness for the victims of natural disasters. The students raised over $4,000 for the J.J. Watt foundation through student, staff, and parent donations.

At Brookfield Central’s football that game the donation buckets were passed around during a miracle minute, and the support that was shown by the community was tremendous. Hurricanes are some of the most destructive natural disasters in the world. T

There are no hurricanes in the Midwest, but the BC community was willing to help even those who are hundreds of miles away.