Spook yourself with these Halloween party ideas

While many have a hard time admitting it, most of us high schoolers are approaching that typical age where trick-or-treating just isn’t for us anymore. Many of our neighbors are reluctant to hand out candy to a bunch of teenagers, claiming we’re too old for these childish things. Maybe they have a point… but don’t despair! Here are four fun activities to replace trick-or-treating on Halloween night:

– Throw a good old-fashioned party. Invite all of your friends and blast that custom-made sinister playlist while playing everyone’s favorite October themed games such as: pumpkin carving, costume competitions, or a scavenger hunt – with halloween candy prizes, of course!

– Host a horror movie marathon. Grab a bowl of popcorn and all your favorite movie theater snacks, curl up on the couch with your besties, and play some of Hollywood’s finest thrillers. Whether it be simply to enjoy a good spine-thriller or just to find amusement in the plotline and events (or lack thereof), you are guaranteed to be entertained.

– Read scary stories in the dark. A collection of blood-curdling tales is perfect for a fun-filled slumber party or just for reading to yourself. These infamous – yet still very popular – stories are short, spooky and intriguing enough to suck you right in. They are sure to be an interest for everyone!

– Create some delicious themed treats. Let’s be honest; in most cases, food equals good spirits. So what better way to spend Halloween night than making tasty desserts that are sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth? There is no limit to how creative these treats can be. All you need is your favorite ingredients for a saccharine delight, then let your imagination run wild!

There is no need at all to feel gloomy during this upcoming Halloween! With all of these four incredible, yet spooky ideas, you are sure to have an eventful and enjoyable night!