Lancer Feud raises money for Hurricane Harvey

Neha Ajjampore, Activities Editor

A monstrous tropical cyclone struck the southern coast of the United States during late August, dragging all the way into early September and causing massive damage. Hurricane Harvey, as it is known, was officially declared a Category 4 storm on August 25 as it tore up the streets of Texas and parts of Louisiana. Although the hurricane was announced to have ended on September 3, experts estimate that it will take several years for the impacted cities to fully recover from the destruction. Facing these facts, students at BCHS decided to contribute what they could – while also incorporating a fun and creative twist.

Brookfield Central held its first Lancer Feud on the evening of Monday, October 2 in the cafeteria. Designed and produced by Mrs. Schiro’s Public Speaking class, the purpose of this fundraiser was to aid AVID schools in the Houston area that suffered the detrimental effects of Harvey. The class teamed up with the AVID classes and Key Club and worked together to promote the event. Four teams competed in the Lancer Feud – two led by staff and two by students – who each donated $50.00 to compete. That, as well as the funds provided through the AVID bake sales and Key Club, added up to a grand total of $1000.00 which was then sent to Mark Twain Elementary School in Houston. Mrs. Schiro, English teacher and overseer of this project, said, “I am so proud of the class for coming together and meeting their goal for this worthy cause. The Community Communications project will continue next term with a new Public Speaking class. I look forward to seeing what project the next group takes on in order to hone their communication skills.” Suffice it to say, in many people’s eyes, the Lancer Feud was a great success!