Student Senate takes a stand for school issues

Brookfield Central has a long list of accomplishments, but they also have many things to improve upon. After much consideration, the school finally devised a way to allow the student body to become further involved in their own high school lives. The Student Senate is a new group that Brookfield Central is using to incorporate more students in making decisions that affect them. Every member strives to shorten the list of areas to refine. At least one student from each Lancer Link was selected to be a representative on the Student Senate; some Links held elections, while others had a unanimous decision. This group is putting forth their highest efforts to make BC a better school.  

The first meeting of the Senate was held on September 27th in the library. During the meeting, the members discussed issues the school faces and how they hoped to amend them. Some of the ideas included altering the World History curriculum, showing more equality among school sports, and enhancing school lunches. The overall goal of the Student Senate is to represent a larger student view to the School Board. Each month the students in the Senate will meet to discuss questions that will be reviewed with the School Board. Victoria Lopez (‘18), the President of the Senate, said, “I hope that the Senate will be able to find relevant, important issues that we can work on fixing and encourage the school authorities to work on improving as well.” Victoria will also be presenting the ideas of the Student Senate to the School Board. Although the Student Senate does not hold power over executive decisions, it is more of a representation of the student body – it is there not to make decisions, but to inform the School Board on the student recommendations for solutions. The Student Senate possesses a responsibility to the student body to improve the school in any way that they can.