Student artists win national Scholastic Art & Writing Awards


Laurel Chen

Laurel Chen (’18) shows her winning artwork

Sanja Tarigoppula, Activities Editor

Student art is not always given the appreciation it deserves, but this year, the Scholastic Art &Writing Awards provided the opportunity to show off the breath-taking artistic talent that Brookfield Central students hold.

Students all over the nation worked throughout the year that enter their pieces in this competition, and they turned in submissions of their best visual and literary art(s) for the annual national competition.

The tremendous amount of submissions are juried and selected according to which pieces best exemplify originality, technical skill, and the emergence of a personal voice or vision. The students pictured are just a few of the many winners at Brookfield Central.

These displays are a preview of the work before the Fine Arts Extravaganza coming up in May. The three artists who are previewed are Mackenzie Reid (’19), Laurel Chen (’18), and Abby Hill (’18), each of whom won awards in the Drawing and Illustration category.

Laurel Chen
Artwork Title: “Tough Luck”
Artist: Laurel Chen (’18)
Award & Category: Honorable Mention, Drawing and Illustration
Artistic Insight: “I drew my sister in black and white charcoal to contrast the blue hues in the background in order to emphasize the nuances of childhoos nostalgia and playful emotions. If you look closely enough I have som pastel blueberries in the background — blueberries were a huge staple of my childhood. Kids have the greatest imaginations ever and make the funniest faces so I wanted to capture that essence in this piece.”

Abigail Hill
Artwork Title: “10:00 PM”
Artist: Abigail Hill (’18)
Award & Category: Gold Key, Drawing and Illustration
Artistic insight: “I was inspired by my brother’s trumpet playing”

Mackenzie Reid
Artwork Title: “A Viridescent Ambiance”
Artist: Mackenzie Reid (’19)
Award & Category: Silver Key, Drawing and Illustration
Artistic Insight: “Honestly, there was no real ulterior motive to the piece other than the fact that I wanted to make it as accurate as possible. I used the opportunity to test my judgement of colour, proportions, and lighting with a material I wasn’t super familiar with. If anything, this piece was an experimental study”